I principali studi di Architettura Scandinavi – Tutti i contatti

La penisola Scandinava rappresenta un po’ un mito per ogni giovane e meno giovane architetto. Avere un’idea più chiara di quanti e quali studi di architettura scandinavi puoi potenzialmente trovare in queste affascinanti terre è sicuramente interessante.

Tutti quanti almeno una volta nella vita abbiamo sentito – dal telegiornale, da conoscenti o da un libro – quanto possono essere vantaggiose le condizioni lavorative in una delle nazioni del nord Europa tra Svezia, Finlandia e Norvegia. In questo articolo, per esempio, la Norvegia viene citata tra le 10 migliori nazioni dove trovare lavoro per gli architetti.

Io personalmente mi sono imbattuto tempo fa in quest’altra notizia: “Designer in Svezia. “In Italia 10 ore al giorno in ufficio. Qui do il massimo al lavoro e poi stacco la spina”, ma soprattutto ho avuto testimonianze di persone che hanno vissuto in Norvegia per un po’ e che mi hanno raccontato un sacco di cose belle.

La Scandinavia è anche la terra natia dell’amatissimo Design Scandinavo che ormai ha conquistato il mondo. Un design che ha saputo coniugare uno stile minimale ad un uso sapiente dei materiali e delle forme. Ne sa qualcosa Design Republic, il brand che importa in Italia numerosi marchi di design del nord e che ha numerosi showroom a Milano.

Sia per scopi lavorativi, sia per cercare collaborazioni o studi a cui proporsi come fornitori, questa lista dei principali studi di architettura in Scandinavia vuole fornire un panorama generale su alcuni dei protagonisti dell’architettura di questo territorio. Ovviamente esistono moltissime realtà oltre a quelle presentate qui di seguito, ma comunque da qualche parte è giusto partire. 

La lista dei principali studi di Architettura in Svezia

Contact pagedivearchitects.com/contact

Social Media:  LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: “Dive are award winning architects who have been based in London since 2001 and from 2009 in Stockholm. Our work varies from urban, cultural and commercial to private projects, not just in Europe but also in Africa and the Middle East. Our clients include, British Council, More London and Urban Splash. Completed projects have attracted much attention from international press.”

Contact page:  https://en.tengbom.se/contact/

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About: Tengbom is one of the leading architectural firms in Sweden and the Nordic region, with around 600 employees at eleven offices in Sweden and Finland.  Since 1906, Tengbom has combined innovative and holistic design for present and future generations. We stand for forward-looking architecture that combines humanism with function. At Tengbom we value initiatives and take pride in our team spirit.

Kjellander Sjöberg
Contact page:  /

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About: KS architecture explores a fascination for spatial design, focusing on the urban landscape, the public realm and the influence of architecture on people and their daily lives.

La lista dei principali studi di Architettura in Norvegia

Scopri oltre 60 studi di architettura che hanno sede a Oslo! Scarica il PDF sul marketplace.

Contact page: https://snohetta.com/contact

Social Media: LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: Snøhetta is a place that nobody is from, but anyone can go to.
Snøhetta (Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈsnøːˌhɛtɑ]) began as a collaborative architectural and landscape workshop, and has remained true to its trans-disciplinary way of thinking since its inception.

Kleihues + Kleihues
Contact page: https://kleihues.com/kontakt/?lang=en

Social Media: LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: A responsible approach to designing high quality inhabitable space is the underlying philosophy of this office. As a result, the buildings by Kleihues + Kleihues distinguish themselves through a timeless modern design, that respects the context of the location; the buildings are functional and enduring – characteristics that Kleihues + Kleihues understand to be the basic requirements for an economical and ecological approach towards working with existing resources.

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
Contact page: http://www.reiulframstadarchitects.com/contact

Social Media: LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: Reiulf Ramstad Architects (RRA) is an independent architectural firm with a high level of expert knowledge and a distinct ideology. The firm has shown a multitude of approaches in solving assignments, both nationally and internationally and have received numerous prizes and awards for their projects.

Powerhouse Company
Contact page:  https://www.powerhouse-company.com/about/contact/

Social Media: LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: Powerhouse Company is an international architectural practice established in Copenhagen (DK) and Rotterdam (NL). It was founded in 2005 by two partners: Charles Bessard in Denmark and Nanne de Ru in Holland. Before founding Powerhouse Company, both partners have forged their experience and skills in internationally renowned practices such as Atelier Jean Nouvel and OMA Rem Koolhaas. 

White arkitekter
Contact page:  https://whitearkitekter.com/contact-us/

Social Media: LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: White is one of Scandinavia’s leading architectural practices and amongst the ten largest in Europe, with over 800 employees based at ten offices in Sweden and Denmark. Founded in 1951 by the young architect Sid White, the practice worked towards the principle that good architecture leads to an improved society, a view that is still a guiding light 60 years on.

UTT Design
Contact page: https://uttdesign.com/contact

Social Media: LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: “We believe in the architecture of ideas, not -isms. We eschew utopia in favor of reimagining what exists. Our profession is increasingly engaging in social change opposing indifference, confronting inequality and injustice with the power of design, urgently working toward an alternative urbanism.” – uttdesign.com/about

La lista dei principali studi di Architettura in Finlandia

Contact page: https://jkmm.fi/contact/

Social Media: LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: Architecture has to do with the context. Architecture of a single building simultaneously creates the larger architectural context: new fragments of urban fabric or landscape emerge.
Architecture has to do with people. Spatial experience, scale and function are abstract things. But in buildings, they should be translated into a physical form. Buildings begin their life when somebody walks in.

Contact page:  http://www.helsinkizurich.com/en/contact

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About: helsinkizurich is an internationally operating architecture and planning consultancy. Our services reach from concepts to realization, from solving subject specific questions requiring expertise to strategy and development-consultation.

Helin & Co Architects
Contact page:  https://helinco.fi/en/contact-us

Social Media: LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: Helin & Co Architects is a Finnish studio for architectural design, urban planning, interior, industrial, graphic and visual design led by Pekka Helin. Over many years we have exported services to several European and Asian countries.

Sigge Architects
Contact page:  http://www.sigge.fi/fi/yhteystiedot

Social Media: LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: Established in 1956, today Pekka Mäki and Kim Eklund are the principals of SIGGE ARCHITECTS. Despite a long history, the 50-person firm, which represents a merger of SIGGE and VIIVA in 2002, continues to compete extensively for its work. 

La lista dei principali studi di Architettura in Danimarca

Scopri oltre 45 studi in Copenaghen e Danimarca! Scarica il PDF dedicato.

Contact page: https://big.dk/#contact

Social Media: LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: BIG is a Copenhagen and New York based group of architects, designers, builders and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development. The office is currently involved in a large number of projects throughout Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

Contact page: /

Social Media: LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: We create architecture for people through a complex approach tailored to users and clients. We build on the Scandinavian tradition of clear functionality and simple beauty. Each new project rests on the shoulders of our previous work, even though we always challenge conventions.

Contact pagehttps://henninglarsen.com/en/contact/

Social Media: LinkedInTwitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: Rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, merging aesthetic, social, and intellectual design features, we develop vibrant, sustainable architecture that extends beyond itself and provides lasting value to the users and local context.

Contact page:  https://aart.dk/en/contact

Social Media: LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: With 150 employees in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Oslo, AART architects is a leading Nordic architecture company. In their work, they transcend the traditional typologies. They take on projects where there is something at stake for their clients and communities, projects where they can make a difference.

Contact page:  http://www.adept.dk/contact

Social Media: LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: ADEPT works within the fields of architecture and urban planning with specific focus on the human scale in cities and buildings. The office was founded in 2006 by Anders Lonka, Martin Laursen and Martin Krogh, that are in charge of ADEPTs creative work.

Contact page:  http://www.cobe.dk/contact

Social Media: LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: COBE is an internationally operating office based in Copenhagen and Berlin and founded in 2005 by the two principal architects Dan Stubbergaard and Vanessa Miriam Carlow. Since the beginning COBE has gained a reputation as an innovative company, by winning a number of high profile projects and prizes.

Schmidt Hammer Lassen
Contact page:  https://www.shl.dk/contact/

Social Media: LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: Common to all the practice’s work is a democratic approach to architecture which creates modern, open and multi-functional spaces that are consistent with schmidt hammer lassen architects’ ethical considerations – a building revolves around people and is not merely an architectonic shape. Architecture should be closely integrated with its surroundings, with close consideration of its functions and social context.

RUBOW arkitekter
Contact page:  http://rubowarkitekter.dk/?page_id=171

Social Media: LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: RUBOW arkitekter works within the modern Nordic tradition of form and design. We design spaces for human beings, and our aim is to create beautiful, functional and eventful architecture that supports environmental, economical as much as social sustainability. For us sustainability is just as much about space and people as technicalities.

Cubo Arkitekter
Contact page:  http://cubo.dk/kontakt/

Social Media: LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube/Vimeo

About: Cubo was founded in Aarhus in 1992. To a significant extent, the practice has achieved recognition through competitions for education and housing projects, cultural and religious buildings as well as site planning for urban, residential and harbour areas.

Questa lista dei principali studi di architettura Scandinavi, così come tutte le altre, è in costante aggiornamento. Segnatela quindi tra i preferiti, o torna a visitarla tra un po’ di tempo e potrai trovare sempre più studi!

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